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Hunt Sports Group Looking to Sell Crew

Don Garber confirms that Hunt Sports Group is looking to hand off the Crew to a local partner.

Jamie Sabau

Don Garber gave an interview to Sports Business Daily today where he confirmed that the Crew are up for sale.

We are committed to finding a local partner in Columbus, Ohio, for the Columbus Crew. The Hunts still own 2 MLS teams. They have made a commitment to get out, and we are encouraging them to do so, but we will only do so with the right owners. So we are spending a lot of time on that.

The team has likely been on the market as the team has been looking for local investors for a couple years now, but this is the first time that anyone associated with Hunt Sports Group or the league has directly confirmed that HSG is looking to hand off the team.

A email from a team spokesman said the Crew has no comment at this time.