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Crew Announce Kirk Urso Memorial Fund

The Crew Soccer Foundation ensures Kirk's legacy through the Kirk Urso Memoria Fund.

Ever since Kirk Urso's tragic death on August 5th, the Crew family has been searching for a meaning. Recently, the Franklin County Coroner released their findings into his passing, announcing that Kirk had died from Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy. His heart just gave out.

Sadly, this is more common that it should be. Ohio State's Connor Senn suffered from at congenital heart defect and passed in 2001. Thousands of youths across the country have a defect, some tragically die from it. This week, the Crew announced there will be a fund, managed through the Crew Soccer Foundation, to fund studies into congenital heart defects in children.

This new fund and his prominent memorial in Founders Park are ensuring Kirk's legacy in the Crew family. It's not what anyone would have wanted, but it's a fitting reminder of a hardworking, talented, and smart individual who died all to soon.

Kirk's brief time in Columbus will make a lasting mark on the club and the fund his name bears will continue to touch the lives around him, much as he did when he was alive.