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Welcome to Massive Report 2.0

I'm sure that many of our readers have noticed the change the past week. The Massive Report team is happy to move to the SB Nation family. We are working with dozens of like minded sites whose goal is to provide the best sports coverage around. There are blogs covering soccer in MLS, EPL, and La Liga. Beyond that, there are sites that are focused on the latest in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB among other sports. Take a look around and follow your other favorite team in whatever sport they play.

The look, among other things, will change. However, what won't change is our dedication to provide the best coverage of the Crew possible. We will still cover the team with new articles nearly every day. Sam Fahmi's and Alison Horn's photos will still be a big part of the Massive Report experience. The Massive Report Podcast is still going strong, recording at the Three-Legged Mare in the Arena District.

There will be some changes; we think most will be for the better. The Massive Report Podcast, our Pre-SB Nation stories, and older photo archives are hosted at the podcast's new home You will also have to resubscribe to our RSS feed to keep getting stories delivered to your reader.

The last change involves you directly. You can now join Massive Report right on our main page. This gives you the chance to comment on all of our stories or even write your own stories for the site through FanShots and FanPosts tools.

We are very excited with the new level of interaction we can have with other Crew fans and hope the site can be a place for great dialog and debate. If you have questions about the new Massive Report send me an email or find me on twitter.

Thank you for reading,

Patrick Guldan

Managing Editor - Massive Report