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Perhaps Mirosevic is a 'False Ten'

Mirosevic the Crew's Cesc?
Mirosevic the Crew's Cesc?

Earlier, I talked about where to play Milovan Mirosevic. He's a player that has a nose for the goal and times his runs well. These are extremely valuable assets for a goal scoring midfielder. I again thought about Mirosevic when I read journalist Tom Williams talking about the role of the 'False 10', the playmaker who fills the position of a No. 10 playmaker, but may often lead the forward line instead:

In the 2011-12 season, the player whose profile most closely fits the bill of the ‘false 10′ is Cesc Fàbregas. In Barcelona's new 3-1-4-2 configuration, it is he who can most often be found breaking beyond the forward line from midfield and bursting into the penalty area. Indeed, in the early part of the season, despite operating in a hinterland between his colleagues in midfield and attack, Fàbregas managed to contribute five goals in his first seven appearances. With his well-timed runs, intuitive movement and accomplished finishing, there is no truer example of the false 10.

Obviously, the Crew isn't Barcelona and Mirosevic isn't Fàbregas, but there are similarities between the two. While Mirosevic can set up goals he is much better at finding space and firing off a shot himself as his goal record can attest to. He wouldn't have to be the creator for the Crew offense or be the defensive cog, but he would be able to sit between the midfield and defense, break past the forwards, and use his burst of speed to find open space or pull a defender out of position.

This play is predicated on someone being able to get him the ball. Fàbregas has Iniesta, Xavi, Messi, and the rest of the Barca team to feed him great passes. Mirosevic would rely on the skills of Duka, Gaven, Renteria, and perhaps Vargas to thread passes to him. Not to say it's likely that Warzycha will try this, but it certainly would be interesting.