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The Nordecke is Throwing a Party

January Nordecke Social
January Nordecke Social

Do you miss your Columbus Crew friends, or do you want to make some new ones? Are you counting the days until March 10th (52)? Do you like to support a good cause, while all the while singing of the myriad ways the Chicago Fire are inferior to the Crew?

Well, you’re in luck my Crew brothers and sisters, for this Friday, January 20th, the Nordecke is throwing a party. From 4pm until we get thrown out into the streets, the Three Legged Mare will be hosting the second monthly Nordecke Social.

Born out of a need to fund the burgeoning expansion of Nordecke Tifo visual displays, the three Official Columbus Crew Supporters Groups have joined forces to shorten the offseason and bring alcohol to the people for a good cause. The Three Legged Mare, 401 N Front Street, will be hosting this month’s event and donating $1 from each of three drink specials to the Nordecke Tifo Fund.

The first event was held at Fourth Street Bar & Patio back in December and was, by all accounts, a stark-raving success. This event, which has no cover and is open to everyone regardless of supporters group membership status, takes the party to the Arena District and the newly-opened Mare, a Euro-sports-centric gastropub where we can sing, chant and hate D.C United in full view of the rest of the city.

Even if you have no idea what Nordecke Tifo is or, like me, couldn’t paint the broad side of a barn, come out anyway. This is about more than stadium art, it’s about being seen around the community, en mass, and raising awareness for what goes on over there off of Hudson Street on Saturdays from March through October.

And, since you asked, Nordecke Tifo is award winning and known around the league for multiple large-scale displays each year and has traditionally been funded by individuals or groups, but the leadership and artists have come together to step up their efforts for 2012. Many people believe that this will be a banner year (pun somewhat-intended) both on and off the field for the Columbus Crew and its Supporters.

I hope to see you there, I miss you guys and March is too far away.