Crew v. Rapids: Notes and Grades

The Crew drop another home match.

The Crew played well; the Crew still lost 2-0.

  • Columbus hasn't scored a goal in 225 minutes, two and a half games.
  • The Crew had 21 shots, 7 were on goal, but none were really good shots. While he had 7 saves. Clint Irwin really didn't have too much to do. They were all routine.
  • The majority of the Crew's shots came from outside the box attempts. A level of frustration is building up and it shows in the shot selection.
  • Jairo Arrieta is trying just about everything to conjure a goal and had five shots, nearly getting an early one inside the first minute. Federico Higuain is trying the same as evidenced by his 40 yard free kick shot that was an easy catch for Irwin.
  • The offense showed a distinct lack of confidence as they missed on several passes that would have gifted them great scoring opportunities.
  • Matias Sanchez and Tony Tchani both put in good shifts. Sanchez looked to play the ball quickly and acted as the destroyer sitting slightly deeper than Tchani.
  • The defense was solid enough for a team that lost 2-0. Colorado played on the counter attack and they didn't give up too many chances, four shots, two on goal.

Gruenebaum (5): Didn't have that much to do with only two shots on target to handle, both just happened to be goals.
Williams (5): Consistent on defense, but results when pushing forward aren't there.
Marshall (5): Slow to provide help on Buddle as he was hovering in no mans land. Otherwise, clean and technically sound game.
Glauber (5): Buddle handled him to get positioning and score the first.
Wahl (4): Solid crossing, but sloppy on his passing. He generally a step slow on the defensive end.
Sanchez (6): Good vision and looked to play the ball quickly. Made several diagonal passes. His defense was hard nosed and often successful, but often reckless. On a different day, he'd have picked up a card or two.
Tchani (5): Played best when he played within himself, making solid passes. A little rash with his shooting, but that was par for the team.
Oduro (5): Didn't get a chance to press high and get involved as much as he needed to.
Higuain (5): The most active on the ball, but nothing really in the final third. He was afforded little space to work and rarely was in a dangerous area.
Gaven (4): Looked slow and even more surprisingly, frustrated as the game progressed.
Arrieta (6): Aggressive and got a couple chances off of long passes from midfield.
Finley (4): Didn't make an impact in his 20 minutes on the field.
Meram (4): Much like Finley, wasn't impressive in his sub appearance.
Warzycha (5): Provided some industry in the midfield once he came on, but often the Crew looked to bypass quickly to play to the forwards.
Coaching (4): The team got chances early, but he struggled mightily when forced to come up with a "Plan B" other than throw on more forwards. Didn't work.

Note on Grades: I have set 5 as an average performance. The player had both good and bad events on the field. Under 5 is a disappointing performance. Above 5 is a notable performance.

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