Crew Home Opener Weather Report

Jamie Sabau

Crew Stadium is likely to be damp and cold, just like many of the home openers.

The Crew home opener is tomorrow at 5:30 pm. The forecast is for morning rain with chilly temperatures reaching a high in the mid 40s with temperatures falling through the 30s during the game. It's a forecast that by definition excludes fair weather fans, but it's not the worst weather for a home opener.

Ohio weather in March is a tale of extremes. Late season blizzards aren't uncommon, but on other days temperatures into the 70s tease the arrival of spring. Last year, the team lucked out and faced Montreal on a wet, but warm day. 18,197 people showed up to take in the win.

Other warm weather days have pushed attendance higher. The thermometer approached 70 against San Jose in March of 2000. It was a downright balmy day in April 2001 as Chicago and the Crew played in summer like heat.

On the opposite end, fans have had to suffer through a 1-1 draw in the rain and snow when Los Angeles came to town in 2003. The Crew recorded a 3-0 victory to open the 2005 season in a driving rainstorm and temperatures in the 30s.

The worst weather for a home opener, New York in 2007. The high was only 32 with periods of rain and sleet. 13,782 came out to see a 0-0 tie in truly miserable weather.

It won't be pleasant for those who make it, but Crew fans have seen worse.

The full historical weather report from Crew Home Openers:

Date Opponent High Low Weather Crew Score Away Score Attendance Notes
4/13/1996 D.C. 69 48 Clear 4 0 25,266
3/29/1997 Colorado 55 48 Drizzle 2 1 14,485 SOW
4/4/1998 D.C. 46 37 Drizzle 2 1 14,148
5/15/1999 New England 77 48 Clear 2 0 24,741
3/25/2000 San Jose 69 54 Clear 2 1 16,095 2 OT
4/7/2001 Chicago 82 61 Clear 1 1 17,947 2 OT
3/23/2002 Chicago 48 25 Clear 0 2 18,450
4/5/2003 Los Angeles 55 33 Rain/Sleet - High Winds 1 1 22,058 2 OT
4/3/2004 New York 57 39 Clear 1 3 20,356
4/2/2005 Los Angeles 41 33 Rain 3 0 14,358
4/15/2006 Chicago 73 59 Clear 1 1 20,818
4/7/2007 New York 32 23 Rain/Snow - High winds 0 0 13,782
3/29/2008 TFC 50 28 Clear 2 0 13,843
3/28/2009 TFC 64 40 Scattered Showers 1 1 14,686
3/27/2010 TFC 58 26 Partly Cloudy 2 0 13,536
3/26/2011 New York 38 23 Cloudy 1 1 10,306
3/24/2012 Montreal 65 57 Scattered Showers 2 0 18,197

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