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The long rumored trade between Chicago and Columbus finally happens. The Crew pick up a needed attacking player, the Fire add some depth on the wing and it's a breath of fresh air for both players. The story doesn't end there though. The Fire midfield is crowded and a familiar Crew name is released.


February 1st, 2013 around 7:30 PM Eastern news broke that Chicago's Dominic Oduro was traded to Columbus in return for Dilly Duka. About an hour later, Rich Balchan was released from Chicago.

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Done deal. Dilly Duka to Chicago for Oduro. #crew96 #cf97 #mlsAdam Jardy
Dilly Duka's not coming to KC, folks. To Chicago for Oduro? Wow.Benjamin Winters
There were some reports of a trade with KC and This might have been the best fit - but KC keeps tight books. Salary might have been hang up.
@olearyspodcast How many mids do we need?!!! Dilly Duka to Chicago for Odurorandomblackrain
Haha Oduro found another sucker RT @AdamJardy Done deal. Dilly Duka to Chicago for Oduro. #crew96 #cf97 #mlsKirsten Heimlich
Son of a... RT @AdamJardy: "Done deal. Dilly Duka to Chicago for Oduro. #crew96 #cf97 #mls"James Coston
Quick blog post up about #crew96 and #cf97 trading Dilly Duka for Dominic Oduro: #MLSAdam Jardy
Dominic Oduro fist pump Dominic Oduro fist pump la la la la... #Crew96MassiveCity
Why did @ChicagoFire trade Dominic Oduro? Perhaps the answer lies in this article from a few weeks ago: #cf97 #crew96On The Fire
Everyone starting to digest the trade when...
Time to find another team..I WILL rise to the topRich Balchan
Looks like Rich Balchan has been cutGuillermo Rivera
Balchan apparently didn't stick with the Fire. “@RichBalchan: Time to find another team..I WILL rise to the top”Patrick Guldan
Meanwhile at Fire HQ, Oduro traded for Dilly Duka. Also release defender Rich Balchan. #CatsAndDogsLivingTogetherMassHysteria #RDHornlineRed Dawn Hornline
More insight on Duka, Oduro...
I'm okay with this trade. Dilly Duka needed a new environment, while Dominic Oduro gives us depth at forward and late-game speed. #Crew96Aaron Katzeman
BREAKING: Trade Completed. Dilly Duka To Fire For Dominic Oduro Tisch
Oduro for Duka….done deal | Chicago Fire Confidential … #cf97FireConf Podcast
#Crew96 and Fire Swap Duka and Oduro Report
No official news from Chicago but Rich Balchan confirms the release.
@M_Greer4 Chicago passedRich Balchan
@RichBalchan stick with it broMarcus Greer
Interesting tid-bit on Oduro.
If Dominic Oduro scores in @USOpenCup for #Crew96 he will be just 4th player in Modern Pro Era to score for 4 different clubs
@RichBalchan Seriously? That sucks, man. Wishing you all the best.Evonne Segall

With Duka leaving, Columbus now only have one player remaining that was picked during the 2010 and 2011 drafts in the top 30 (Justin Meram). If you look at MLS top 60 picks from 2010/11 drafts the Crew are second lowest in retention (NY-zero players) among teams with 5 or more picks since then (SEA, PHI, SJ, NE all have retained two or more from the 2010/11 drafts).

With this latest trade the Crew fall south of returning 60% of 2012 minutes. Only team returning less this year are the Colorado Rapids. For more on that topic and how it might impact 2013 go here.

Rich Balchan, a 2011 12th overall draft pick, had been trialing with Chicago this preseason after being released from Columbus late last year.

Balchan played 45 minutes, looked active and moved well during the Chicago v. Columbus scrimmage in Bradenton, Florida on January 30th, 2013. He will likely be picked up by another club soon.

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